“Del Sandis Grande” is a small kennel, registered in 2002. under the FCI # 4207.

In 1991. I got my first dog with who I started to compete, an irish setter female called Dina.  However, everything I learned and done in kinology I owe to my great friend and master Vitomirov Milovan, the owner of kennel ‘Sandisova'. In 1992. I got a female GSP Beta from uncle Milovan.

However, pause followed my kinology work, then in 2001. I continued to breed german short-haired pointer only, from the ‘Sandisova' line, of course.

My wife, Katarina, started in 1990. with a cocker spaniel female called Lea, but in 2000. she got first doberman male, called Tadija.

Later, in 2004., we bought a doberman female Donna Wanda de Galius, and in 2005. a first miniature pinscher walked into our home, a female Piccolo Wanda.

As you can see we don't do overproduction of dogs. The aim of breeding kennel ‘del Sandis Grande' is to breed beautiful, healthy and primarly top-class working german. shorthaired pointers capable of hunting as well as for working competitions, and also beautiful, working and healthy dobermann and beautiful and healthy miniature pinschers.

Since 2009. our little daughter Tara is helping us with everything! :-)